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The RESHAPED Podcast features conversations with visionaries who tell their stories of how the things they have shaped have ended up reshaping them.

S1 E7: Harris III | How to Rediscover Wonder

In this episode, we will talk about how to rediscover wonder.

Harris III is a master storyteller and illusionist who mission in life is to inspire wonder in people. He serves as the curator of an annual two-day conference for creatives, storytellers and artists called the Story Gathering. You can learn more about the next gathering at

In this episode, Harris and I talk about:

  • Discovering your identity as a child.
  • How to deal with faux popularity.
  • Being grateful in the middle of prosperity.
  • How we have to be in the middle of an illusion in order to recognize it.
  • Overcoming the temptation of being addicted to applause.
  • How worry is a misuse of our imagination.
  • How to rediscover wonder again.

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