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I help creative firms transform their workplace culture

through co-creative design

"Steve’s talk inspired the shop in a way no other guest speaker has. His content was smart, he was funny, and he brought fresh thinking to design principles that inspire the solving the universal human need for connection.” 

-Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte, Inc.


As a keynote speaker, I am frequently called upon to speak to audiences around the nation to challenge paradigms and explore how design and leadership has the power to transform people, organizations, and societies. Using storytelling and research, I am passionate about delivering messages that do more than just inspire audiences but catalyze them to lead, work and live differently.


The Architecture of Transformative Experience

This talk explores how an organization can design and deliver experiences for their employees, customers, and partners that more than merely memorable - but are truly transformative by changing the way they think, work, speak, and live.

The Leader as the Cultural Architect

This talk explores one of the most important roles of a leader, that of a cultural architect - one who envisions, designs, communicates, and leads to a better future for their organization.

A Transformational Leader is a Transformed Leader

This talk explores the idea that in order for a visionary leader to transform their organization, they must be personally be transformed themselves.

Hell in the Hallway

This talk is for frustrated visionaries who are stuck in the space between vision and fulfillment in their personal, professional, and corporate lives. Using storytelling and design principles, I provides strategies on how to take a vision from an idea to implementation.


"We were excited to have Steven speak at STORY to a room full of almost 1,000 artists, dreamers, and storytellers. We knew he'd be great, but he far exceeded the expectations of our team and our attendees. Everyone was blown away. People were clearly moved by his talk, which is rare with a room of sometimes cynical but highly creative people. He has been repeatedly named as one of our most-loved speakers, and I can't recommend him any higher."

-Harris III, Director + Curator of STORY Gathering

"Steven is a winsome, passionate and insightful presenter who connects well with his audience. His talk to our gathering of church leaders from around the nation was highly rated by our participants."

-Dr. Amy L. Sherman, Senior Fellow, Sagamore Institute


I have had the opportunity to speak at the following conferences, corporations, and churches;

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